Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets

Algae in your pond

Why have I got algae in my pond and what can I do about it.

Calculating Pond Volume

How do I work out how much water is in my pond so that I can work out what filter and pump I need.

Choosing a filtration system

How do I keep my pond clean. Are there different types of filtration systems available.

Choosing the right sized pump for the job

I've worked out how big my pond is and what sort of filtration I need. How do I choose the best pump for my application.

Keeping Koi

Is keeping Koi in a garden pond really that hard.

Manufacturers Pump Head Heights

Manufacturers published head heights. We have interpreted some manufacturers performance curves as tables so that we can present a consistent set of tables for all manufacturers.

Care of your water lily

How do I get the best display of flowers from my water lily.

Fish Food

Want the best advice on what to feed your fish? We have a huge range of fish foods to suit Koi, Goldfish and Aquaponics ponds. From budget food to superior quality colour enhancing Koi food and high protein winter feed for easy digestion in the colder months. Bulk food is also available ranging from 5kg to 20kg bags.